Peel'n Stick Albums

A polished DIY digital magazine style album . All you have to do is get your prints done from your favourite lab then stick them down on our self adhesive pages. Peel 'n stick Digital Image presentation albums are ideal for baby, portrait or wedding photography where a high quality, simple & cost effective presentation album is necessary.

Peel 'n Stick Album. Adhesive applied to page.

Colour:  Linen Storm Linen, white pages (Grey Ribbon) / Linen Oatmeal, white pages (Cream Ribbon).

Album sizes: 8 x 8" or 6 x 6".  

Pages:  10 pages (20 sides) . USB option available in 6x6 album with 5 pages (10 sides)

Packaging:  Linen Storm & Oatmeal 8x8 with matching linen magnetic catch box / 6x6 albums supplied with matching slip in case.

DIY assembly or for fully printed and assembled order in Jorgensen Album Designer software (JAD).

Linen - with out doubt our best selling material for a modern and contemporary option.

Personalised embossing and foil printing

Customise the cover of your album with your clients name for that added touch!.  Details can be embossed, foil or laser printed in the standard fonts Arial & Times or in any design supplied as a PDF but we suggest delicate script be avoided as details can be lost in the grain and texture of many cover materials.

Studio Logo's

We create a unique embossing block of your logo based on the files you send us which we can use on all your albums.  We can emboss your logo on nearly all of our products in Black, White, Clear, Silver or Gold.

Importing Digital Album Designs The great thing about digital albums is you can use many platforms to design your album and then import the finished images into JAD to proof, order and upload files.

Jørgensen Album Designer (JAD) was ground breaking software when it was first launched and is still a simple and powerful tool for designing, proofing and ordering albums with the option to import finished files for Digital albums produced in programs like Fundy, Smart Albums or Adobe's Indesign to name a few. This option is not however available at present for matted albums but it's on the way.

JAD is intuitive, choose the album of your choice, import your high resolution images and simply drag images onto blank pages to create a story line and you will be presented with design templates you can use.

Compromise no longer, JAD also allows you to edit any template or design from scratch so you can build a favourite template collection enhancing the speed of album designing with JAD.

Once you have a design JAD can create a PDF proof or slideshow files for uploading to your web gallery with the album cover selected for a genuine proof of your Jorgensen album.

Once you have finished the design, select ORDER and JAD takes you through a wizard of ordering, output image creation and FTP upload. We will then check the order, files and process the job contacting you with regards to delivery, payment and test files as required. Click here to Download JAD for free.

Colour Managment We always suggest to new clients we make test prints to ensure we are in harmony with your colour management. You can use RGB jpg or tiff files in sRGB or Adobe RGB 98 colour profiles but it is important you know which profile you have used and are consistant in your selection. If you are using Photoshop check your Colour Settings for RGB working space and Profile Mismatches should be enabled to warn you of any issues. When processing RAW files check your output colour profile. Selecting the wrong profile is the most common issue for poor prints. If in doubt please contact us, we are here to help.


Everyone of our Peel'n Stick Studio albums includes packaging, from the smallest of albums to our largest 10X10″ size. The following packaging options are included with every album package at no additional charge.

Classic Packaging – Black Box with black cloth wrap for sumeria vinyl albums.

Natural Packaging – Kraft Box with white cloth wrap for linen albums.   

Linen Magnetic Box -  Only available with 9x9 matted or 8x8 peel'n stick Oatmeal or Storm Linen in 10 and 15 pages.

Matching Slip in Case for 6x6 albums