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Studio Albums


The Studio albums are now available in popular Leather Look cover materials in the 9x9, 12x12 and 11x14 albums. JAD will update in due course but if you are keen to order add a note to your order or contact us.

White Frame Ready Mounts


White Frame Ready Mounts are now available in three weights 750mic, 1400mic and 2400mic click here to see the range



In compliance with new legislation we have updated our Privacy Policy and invited prospects on our mailing list to opt in or be unsubscribed. Clients by default will continue to receive mailings but be advised of the option to unsubscribe and of our updated Privacy policy.

Website updates


If you haven’t visited the website for a while, we’ve lots of exciting things to tell you about.

Cover Materials – Swatches
Last year we upgraded all our leathers to Premium quality under the new name Natural Leather and now we’ve increased the range of colours including the Natural Leathers, Leather Looks and lovely Linens. There’s something for everyone!

If you use our albums and haven’t had the new swatches, get in touch and we’ll send you a set.

A5 Album Cards
We’ve introduced beautiful A5 Album cards show casing a selection of our Jorgensen Albums. The idea is for you, the Photographer, to hand them out to your prospective clients to aid your album sales. Each album has it’s own lifestyle feel which will encourage brides to want a Jorgensen album.  Each card has images and a small amount of information about the album, but no prices and space for your logo or contact information.  If you’d like a set to see if they could be a helpful selling tool for you please let us know.

Price Guide (from 1st June 2018)
In line with our increased cover range we have a new Trade Price Guide with no Premium leather surcharge just the lower priced Natural leather. Some albums have stayed the same but some have changed so check the on-line Album Price Calculator for individual album prices or ask for a hard copy of the latest price guide. You can also find a PDF of the new Trade Price Guide from the “Information Downloads” tab or on-line Pricing Guide.

User Details
Some of you may have noticed you can now access invoices from your on-line account so no need to phone in for that missing invoice. Look in My Orders for on going orders and Invoices from April onwards.

JAD and Windows


For Windows 64 bit users to gain the full benefit of the latest update to JAD you now need to be running JAVA 8 Update 60+ ( 64-bit) with all other version of JAVA uninstalled. As a matter of good housekeeping why not uninstall all versions of JAVA and click here to select "Windows Offline (64-bit)" and download. This will not effect any JAD designs or templates.

For older Windows 32 bit users click here for download instructions

If you have any problem e-mail or phone +44 1803 668380